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Our team of experienced DUI defense lawyers will fight to protect more than just your
record, your license, and your freedom. We protect your career, your family, and reputation.

GA DUI News: Georgia Roadblocks

Georgia roadblocks are part the state’s successful highway safety program say GA law enforcement officials. Deputy director for the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Spencer Moore says, ”What we’ve found is that checkpoints are an effective tool...”

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Georgia Police Increasing DUI Enforcement for Labor Day Weekend

As the season winds down and end-of-summer celebrations ramp up, authorities throughout Georgia are launching a crackdown on drunken driving.

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The Cost of Getting a DUI in Georgia

Most people don’t think about how costly getting a DUI could be because nobody ever plans to get a DUI. We plan for retirement, we plan for our kids education, but it is absurd to contemplate setting aside funds for the unlikely event that we might get a DUI.

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