Firefighter Arrested for DUI

Firefighter Arrested for DUI

A firefighter for the city of Columbia was arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence. Firefighter Adam R. Beale is now suspended from his job, facing possible termination if he is found guilty of his charges.

Being arrested for drunk driving can do much more than tarnish your reputation. If you are a public servant or a licensed professional, an arrest of this magnitude can have a negative impact on your livelihood, as Beale quickly discovered. The firefighter has been with the city of Columbia for under a year.

The Banks Count Sheriff’s Office is heading up the investigation into Beale’s arrest. Officials point out that any inquiries are to be directed toward that office. Because Beale is a firefighter, his arrest is sure to be in the local spotlight for weeks to come. Columbia Fire Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins released a statement:

“I would like to assure the citizens of the City of Columbia and Richland County that this does not reflect the character, dedication and professionalism of the men and women of the Columbia Fire Department.”

Unfortunately, when a public servant is arrested, it sheds a negative light on his or her comrades. Not only has Beale damaged his own reputation, but he has put a chink in the reputation of his entire department.

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