College Football Player Arrested Under Suspicion of DUI

College Football Player Arrested Under Suspicion of DUI

According to the Riley County Police Department, Cre Moore, 20, a Kansas State football player, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. It was reported that Moore was arrested early Sunday morning after striking a pole and a privately-owned stairwell in Manhattan with his pickup truck. The football player was not injured in

Antiques Roadshow Appraiser Arrested for DUI

Leigh Keno, the popular antiques appraiser from “Antiques Roadshow,” has been granted participation in a weekend alcohol education program after a brief hearing. Just before Christmas, state police in New Hampshire received a call that a Range Rover was veering all over the road. Police responded to the scene and witnessed the driving for themselves. The

New Georgia Law Could Mean Parole For Small Time Drug Offenders

Parole for Non-Violent Repeat Offenders? A new law in Georgia has allowed some repeat offenders to secure parole sooner than expected. Unfortunately, that same law has allowed non-violent offenders to be ignored. Under the new law, some drug offenders are able to secure parole. People who are in jail serving time for lesser possession charges are