What Will a DUI Really Cost You?

What Will a DUI Really Cost You?

Most people have an understanding that a charge of DUI in Atlanta or elsewhere can be costly. While every DUI is different, there are general costs that are associated with an arrest and conviction that people can count on. Here is a brief outline of what you can expect to be charged for.

Bail: Being arrested will cost you money right off the bat. You will need to find someone who is willing to post your bail or do it yourself. The amount of your bail will be dependent upon the severity of your charges.

Impound: When you are arrested for DUI, your vehicle will be impounded if no one else can come pick it up for you. You will have to pay for both the tow and the release of your vehicle.

Legal Fees: It is in your best interest to hire a highly experienced DUI attorney to review the details of your case and effectively defend your pending case.

Classes and Treatment: In some instances, you may be offered the opportunity to take place in alcohol treatment or DUI courses in lieu of jail time. These courses are not free.

Ignition Interlock Device: Even though they are ordered by the court, you will still have to pay for an interlock ignition device to be installed on your vehicle.

Insurance: Expect your insurance premiums to go up if a drunk driving charge is put on your record.

These are just some of the general costs associated with a DUI charge or conviction. Your unique circumstances may cost you more or less. If you have been charged with DUI in Atlanta, call the office of Hawkins Spizman Kilgo. We will review the details of your case at no cost to you and advise you of your options. In some cases, some of the cases above can even be avoided.

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