Roswell DUI Lawyer

Hawkins Spizman Kilgo provides DUI defense services to clients in Roswell and surrounding areas in Georgia. If you have been accused of drunk driving or a related offense and you are concerned about the impact of your arrest on your future, we are here to help you respond to charges.

You have options, including plea deals or fighting conviction, but far too many attorneys without DUI experience rush their clients to make quick, unwise deals with prosecutors. We are different. Hawkins Spizman Kilgo take a holistic approach to your case, looking at the evidence and helping you to develop the right strategies given the specifics of the charges against you.

At Hawkins Spizman Kilgo, our legal team includes former prosecutors as well as drunk driving defense attorneys with more than two decades of experience. When you want a strong and knowledgeable legal advocate to help you to defend your future, we are here for you. Give us a call at 770-685-6400 to speak with a Roswell DUI lawyer to find out more.

Drunk Driving Arrest in Roswell

Roswell is a city in Georgia that is considered to be a part of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. The city is located within the northern part of Fulton County. More than 94,000 people live in Roswell, and it is classified as the seventh largest city within the state of Georgia. Roswell is bordered by Alpharetta and Milton, and the southern border of the city follows along the Chattahoochee River.

Roswell spans approximately 42 square miles, including 18 parks which span 800 acres. Major highways which serve the city include State Routes 9, 92, 120, 140, and 400. For motorists on these roads, or on any roads in and around Roswell, there is a risk of impaired driving arrest if law enforcement officers believe you are intoxicated. Arrests are frequently made by Georgia state police, but there is also a local municipal police department located in Roswell which can make arrests for DUI as well.

Options If You Are Arrested for a DUI

An arrest for a Roswell DUI means you must take swift action to try to save your driver’s license and to determine how to move forward. You may also be able to try to get charges dropped before your case progresses too far if you can prove that police collected evidence in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

For most defendants, a DUI case is going to be resolved in one of three ways: acquittal, conviction or a plea deal. Whichever approach you take, Hawkins Spizman Kilgo can help. When possible, we will petition the court and negotiate with the prosecutor to drop the charges. If this isn’t an option, we can present evidence in a criminal case or work with a prosecutor to try to negotiate a favorable plea deal.

We also help you to build a strong case by investigating the circumstances of your traffic stop and chemical testing to look for ways to introduce reasonable doubt. Remember, you do not have to convince the court of your innocence. Rather, you can prevail if a prosecutor cannot meet the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt.

What Can a Roswell DUI Lawyer Do For You?

After your arrest for DUI in Roswell or surrounding areas, give us call at 770-685-6400 or contact us online for a free consultation with a Roswell DUI lawyer to find out how we can help you.