Smyrna DUI Lawyer

A DUI arrest in Smyrna or the surrounding area can potentially cost you your driver’s license. Conviction can also result in big fines, community service, a ruined driving record and potential jail time. You need to take drunk-driving charges seriously, which means you need to call Hawkins Spizman Kilgo for help.

At Hawkins Spizman Kilgo, our legal team works with clients to find the right approach to responding to impaired driving charges. Unlike some firms which simply rush to negotiate plea deals, we look at the big picture.

Since members of our legal team have prosecutorial backgrounds, we understand how drunk driving cases are brought before the court. We have put our insider knowledge to work defending clients accused of drunk driving for over two decades. To speak with a Smyrna DUI lawyer who has the knowledge you need to make smart choices in response to charges, call Hawkins Spizman Kilgo today at 770-685-6400. We are here and ready to get started on your case.

Drunk Driving Charges in Smyrna

Smyrna is a part of the inner ring of the Atlanta metro area, and it is located to the northwest of the city of Atlanta. Smyrna has a population of more than 53,000 people, and the city grew rapidly with 28 percent growth between 2000 and 2012. With the vast increase in population over time, Smyrna earned a reputation as one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia. It is also one of the most densely populated locations within the Atlanta metro area.

Smyrna is served by Cobb Parkway, I-285, Atlanta Road, South Cobb Drive and many other local roads. DUI arrests can happen both on local thoroughfares as well as on interstate highways. The city has its own police department and encourages citizens to submit crime tips. Both the local Smyrna police and the Georgia State police can arrest you for DUI.

Your Options After a DUI

Talking with a DUI lawyer right after an arrest is important because you must decide quickly how you’ll proceed with your case. Hawkins Spizman Kilgo can negotiate a plea deal on your behalf with prosecutors if you do not wish to take a chance on court proceedings. We can also help you to identify ways to work towards challenging evidence and creating leverage against the State. There are a variety of legal defenses you can raise, and you only need to introduce reasonable doubt to avoid a guilty verdict.

In some cases, Hawkins Spizman Kilgo can help you to argue for the suppression of evidence collected in violation of your Fourth Amendment rights. If the court determines evidence was unlawfully obtained, dismissal of charges may be possible.

You can also cast doubt on the accuracy of the chemical test. We can help you, so never assume that a high BAC reading means you’ll always be found guilty.

Getting Legal Help from a Smyrna DUI Lawyer

If you want to fight to keep your license and avoid conviction or reduce your penalties, you need professional legal advice. Call Hawkins Spizman Kilgo today to speak with a lawyer you can trust who cares about your case.

Our legal team knows the ins and outs of DUI defense and we provide representation not only in typical DUI cases but also in vehicular homicide cases, underaged DUIs and in DUIs where your commercial or professional license is at risk. Whatever the charges you face, after your arrest in Smyrna or surrounding areas, give us call at 770-685-6400 or contact us online for a free case evaluation.