Experienced DUI Representation

Finding Expert Representation

Our Team-Michael Hawkins-Matthew Kilgo-Justin SpizmanAt the Hawkins Spizman Kilgo, we have many years of experience defending the rights of those who have been charged with driving under the influence. As former prosecuting attorneys, we know what judges and prosecuting attorneys look for when they pursue defendants with the most serious charges they can. After all, the more severe the charge, the more harsh the sentence will be. Our expert attorneys know how to challenge these tactics and work toward obtaining you a more favorable outcome.  We believe in bargaining from a position of strength, and no matter what the evidence is against you, we are strong advocates that work hard to obtain a positive outcome for our clients.

We successfully represent metro Atlanta DUI clients in many different areas, including:

  •      Drunk Driving Defense: There are many ways a drunk driving charge can be combatted. From a faulty Breathalyzer to a lack of proper investigation by police officers who fail to follow their training, our attorneys know how to defeat a DUI charge.
  •      Underage DUI: We know teenagers are prone to making poor decisions. When one of those decisions is underage drinking and driving, you need an expert attorney to make sure that a DUI charge won’t close doors to opportunities for the rest of their life.
  •       Vehicular Homicide While Intoxicated: While every DUI charge is serious, when it involves a fatality or serious injury, it’s imperative to have a quality attorney representing you. The right attorney could work toward keeping such an unfortunate incident from leading to a significant prison sentence.  We are experienced in reaching out to those who have lost loved ones in a polite and professional manner with the goal of respecting a victim’s family’s loss.
  •      Professional License and Drunk Driving: Holding a professional license can mean more severe penalties for drunk driving. Even after your court date, you could face punishment in your practice or firm. We have experience helping many professionals, including doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, pilots, and others.
  •      Underage In Possession: A minor charged with possession of alcohol can be hugely detrimental to their future. It is likely to show up on background checks for college, employers, insurance companies, and others, hurting a young person’s chances for a quality education and a strong career. Our attorneys can help turn a setback into a life lesson, while minimizing the long-term consequences of an early blemish on their record.

Top Quality DUI Lawyers in Atlanta

Whatever situation you or a family member is faced with, we can help — a review of some of our previous successful cases can attest to that. For more information about how we can help if you’ve been charged with a DUI or a related charge in metro Atlanta, contact our law firm today.